028 Jon Fuller: From Darkness to Defining Moment

Follow Jon’s journey through darkness. Jon shares the losses he experienced as a child and how he pushed through the pain. Sometimes the easy road seems to be the right road, but this is rarely the case. Jon makes difficult decisions that ultimately led him through the darkness and defined his relationship with God. Keep Reading »

027 Michelle Bengtson: How to Transform Depression to Hope and Victory

As a practicing neuropsychologist, Michelle Bengtson thought she was an expert at treating depression. Until she suffered from it herself. It was then that she realized just how limited the treatments available today truly are, and that they were essentially powerless without the Word of God. Keep Reading »

026 Dave Sanderson: How the Miracle on the Hudson Changed His Life

When Dave Sanderson heard the captain say, “Brace for Impact,” he knew his life was about to change but he didn’t know how deeply. Only God knew that. And God has used Dave’s experience to deepen his faith and inspire him to help others in ways he had never imagined before that fateful day. Keep Reading »

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